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What is Higher Self Yoga?

“Yoga” means union. Higher Self Yoga is a teaching about connecting to one’s Higher Self. The Higher Self—the part inside each of us that connects with the Source, or God—is part of spiritual traditions that go back thousands of years. The practice of Higher Self Yoga seeks balance of heart, mind and action.

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Our mission is to:

  • Present Higher Self Yoga as a key spiritual path for the modern era, offering self-growth and self-awareness to all genuine seekers.
  • Provide needed resources to study and learn about Higher Self Yoga.
  • Share with a vibrant Higher Self Yoga membership worldwide through social media.

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    Q: I consider myself spiritual, so how can this practice help me?

    Q: I consider myself spiritual, so how can this practice help me? A: All of us are spiritual beings, and I am glad to hear that you consider yourself to be on a spiritual path. It just that some of us want to know and understand more of the inner workings of ‘self’ and the Universe, and thus we pursue these interests and HSY teaching. The deeper you go, the more you understand not only about yourself and your purpose in […]



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