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What is Higher Self Yoga?

“Yoga” means union. Higher Self Yoga is a teaching about connecting to one’s Higher Self. The Higher Self—the part inside each of us that connects with the Source, or God—is part of spiritual traditions that go back thousands of years. The practice of Higher Self Yoga seeks balance of heart, mind and action.

Discover the Higher Self

Linking with the Higher Self stands at the heart of the practice of Higher Self Yoga. Watch it come to life here!
As the practice of linking with and posing questions of the Higher Self deepens, so does the relationship to the Higher Self.

Ask the Higher Self

Use of the Higher Self in daily life is the foundation of Higher Self Yoga. But how do you do it? You consult the Higher Self through a reflective process of linking inwardly, posing a question and experiencing a reply.
The form of the reply will differ from individual to individual!

The Roots of Higher Self Yoga

Higher Self Yoga would be nothing if not for the tireless efforts of Nanette Hucknall. She is the founder, creator, and inspiration behind everything Higher Self Yoga has become. Our debt to her is great!
As a spiritual tradition, the lineage of Higher Self Yoga can be traced to two important sources: Agni Yoga and Theosophy. True to its roots, Higher Self Yoga is an esoteric teaching, which means the inner development of the student determines their potential for deeper understanding and knowledge.

“Higher Self Yoga involves studying how to access the wisdom within oneself, which we all have, through reading philosophy and meditating. The focus is really looking into yourself, getting to know the many levels… It is inner work.” Nanette Hucknall