• The Beauty of Gratitude

    The New York Times. In a recent New York Times article, David Brooks writes about the importance and beauty of gratitude, and how it improves our lives and society in general. If you are working with your Higher Self, you will come to experience benefits of this emotion and in

  • Envy as a Motivating Factor to Improve

    The New Yorker. If you think that envy and spirituality are not compatible you need to read this article. Envy is generally thought of as having negative feelings of ill-will towards others and being the opposite of admiration. However, different cultures have more than one word for envy – benign

  • Hug a Tree – Awaken your Higher Self

    The New York Times. We have always known that a walk in nature can be soothing and improve our mood. A walk in the park can awake your Higher Self and we experience this as elevated emotional mood and overall well-being. Now, recent scientific studies have shown that indeed, a