• Calming the Chaos and Nurturing the Child’s Mind

    Sometimes I observe my son who at times laughs too loudly, speaks too harshly and moves erratically. I seek ways to calm him and alter negative behaviours before they take root and become dysfunctional patterns. And so I ask myself, How can I guide him without changing who he is?

  • Q: How can I control my temper when my children misbehave?

    Q: What is the HSY perspective about yelling at children. Sometimes after repeatedly  telling my children to do something and they don’t listen, I have a hard time containing my anger and not yelling at them. A: I understand how frustrating it could be to repeatedly tell your child to

  • Q: Are there negative effects to yelling?

    Q: Are there negative effects to yelling? Sometimes I get really frustrated with my 9 year old child, and I yell at him to stop what he is doing. It seems he only responds when I get angry or there is a threat of punishment or negative consequences. Are there negative effects

  • Q: When is the best time to help my child start thinking about Dharma?

    Q: Dharma seems to be such a big concept. When is the best time to help my child start thinking about Dharma? A: The concept of Dharma, or life purpose, can be introduced to children at a very young age. My mentor told me that at the age of 2, she remembers having

  • “L” is for Library

    Do you remember going to the library when you were young? The sight, the silence, the scent brings back such wonderful memories. These memories came rushing back as I read a recent article in the NYT from Dec. 2015 titled “Bare Shelves, Bare Selves” . The article addresses the debate about

  • Looking for Help

    When you are young and don’t understand how things work, your Higher Self is always ready to help you! Notice all the outside influences that are around you and choose the positive ones. — Petal Steele