• Authentic Self

    Q: Would you please talk about the authentic self? As an example, I am thinking of the Dalai Lama. Whatever situation he is in, with whomever he is talking, he is always the same genuine person, coming from his true being. A: The authentic self is another name for the

  • Pride and Attachment

    Q: Why is an attachment such as “pride” so often hard to detect? A: Pride can take on another form, which may look positive. For example, someone may feel happy and good about herself for accomplishing a project. This is fine. However, pride can creep in and make the person

  • Attachments and the Lower Nature

    Q: Is it correct to say that all of our attachments and all of our negative patterns of thinking, acting and feeling are part of our lower nature? A: Only negative attachments are negative. Some attachments are ego-based and not necessarily from our lower nature. For example, attachments from loving

  • The Age of Peace

    Q: When we enter the age of peace, will there be less and less karma that produces terrible poverty and starvation? A: Karma will still have to be paid from the past in all forms but not by terrible poverty and starvation. By then the world community will help to

  • The Age of Women

    Q: So the “Age of Women” is about leadership roles for women and men who have good masculine/feminine balance? A: Yes. NVH