— Use of the HIGHER SELF in daily life is the foundation of Higher Self Yoga practice .

The Higher Self in Daily Life

ask-the-higher-self-300x200Where linking with the Higher Self stands at the heart of what we do, use of the Higher Self in our daily lives serves as the foundation of Higher Self Yoga practice. How do we do that?

We turn inwards. We can consult that Higher Self through a reflective process.
This comes in the form of linking inwardly–posing a question, and experiencing a reply.

The form of the reply will differ
from individual to individual.

People experience the Higher Self differently. As people differ, so does how they link with the Higher Self. Some people see scenes in their mind’s eye, whereas others feel or sense what’s happening. Still others hear sounds and voices!

How our Higher Self is personified will differ from person to person as well. It may come in the form of a woman or man, a light or color, an angel or mystical animal, or even simply energy experienced in the body. While the most common form is human, for you, it might be a beam of bright light, a body sensation, or something else entirely.