• The Many Joys of Feeling Blue

    The New York Times

    We are constantly searching for happiness and the next best new thing that will give us joy. It is hard to be alone, and this is especially true in America and other Western nations. All this searching can become tiring and even a downer, causing us to feel melancholy. But do […]

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  • Mind Distractions and Meditation

    The New Yorker.

    It is hard to meditate, or is it? Maybe. Our busy minds find infinite number of distractions that keep us from relaxing and meditating. It is hard to stop our minds from constant barrage of incoming thoughts. Recent short post by Casey Johnston describes some common and funny distractions. You can probably […]

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  • Your Past Does Not Have To Define Who You Are

    The New York Times.

    Most of us live our lives defined by our past formative experiences, good or bad. But what if that is not who you are – how do you change and become your true self? If you are interested in transforming yourself and finding happiness I encourage you to read this fascinating article […]

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