• Midwest Book Review: Reviewer’s Choice!

    How to Live from Your Heart, the latest book from Nanette V. Hucknall, has received another wonderful book review!  Midwest Book Review has given How to Live from Your Heart the privilege of Readers’ Favorite Review, see the full review below.

    Congratulations, Nanette!

    How to Live from Your Heart Nanette Hucknall MSI Press 1760-F Airline Hwy, […]

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  • How to Live from Your Heart – A US Review Recommended Book!

    How to Live from Your Heart: Deepen Relationships, Develop Creativity, and Discovery Inner Wisdom by Nanette V. Hucknall

    Reviewed by reviewed by Carol Anderson, D.Min., ACSW, LMSW (The US Review of Books)

    A heart-felt book about living from the heart, this book begins with an Introduction that defines heart energy […]

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  • Happy Birthday, Nanette!

    Friday January 13th, marks the 84th birthday of the founder Higher Self Yoga.

    Nanette is admired for her work in developing and leading Higher Self Yoga classes and retreats for over twenty years. She has helped countless number of people in maximizing their life’s potential by learning how to deepen relationships, develop creativity and discover […]

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  • How Higher Self Yoga Changed My Life: Spotlight Mario

    Why would someone become a Wall St banker?  Is it because of the fast-paced, high-stakes environment?  The exciting challenges?  The glamorous, high-rolling lifestyle attached to it?  Those all seem like pretty common reasons.

    Why did Mario, a long-time member of Higher Self Yoga, become a banker?

    “Lack of anything better,” Mario admitted. […]

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  • Brogis: the New Sex Symbol

    There are many health benefits to practicing yoga, but did you know that it could also help you snag a date, too?  If you’re a heterosexual male, the odds are definitely in your favor.  If you’ve been to any yoga class in the country you know that women make up the majority of any class.  […]

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  • What are the health benefits of meditation?

    This post was originally published on the New York Times.

    Meditation has long been used to induce calm and physical relaxation. But research on its potential uses for treating medical problems “is still in its very early stages,” and designing trials can be challenging, said Richard J. Davidson, a neuroscientist who founded the […]

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  • How Do You Use Your Heart?

    Approaching life in a heart-centered way is one of the most important pieces of advice we can get.  Learning to tune in and live from the heart gives us a chance to live authentically – in line with our purpose and our Higher Self.

    There are countless ways of learning to tune into our heart […]

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  • 10 Famous Men Who Love Yoga

    There are many misunderstanding about yoga that stop men from attempting the practice. One of the biggest myths that turn men off is that yoga is too feminine. Many men consider yoga a woman’s domain.

    Media and marketers don’t always help to debunk this myth. In many ways they help to perpetuate it by primarily […]

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  • What Does It Mean to Decide with the Heart or Mind

    If we look around us, it seems like our ability to make decisions rests on listening to two areas of the body: our heart and our mind.  We’re told to follow our hearts and use our minds.  There are countless articles out there, talking about the merits of listening to the heart versus listening to […]

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  • Everyday Mindfulness: Apps That Can Help Anyone Find Their Center

    Mindfulness is more than just a pop culture buzzword.  Mindfulness is what helps us keep our cool when we’re stuck in traffic, when plans go awry, or when someone is upsetting us.  Mindfulness can give us a sense of ease when we’re feeling uneasy.  Practicing mindfulness can be the first step in […]

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