• Authentic Self

    Q: Would you please talk about the authentic self? As an example, I am thinking of the Dalai Lama. Whatever situation he is in, with whomever he is talking, he is always the same genuine person, coming from his true being.

    A: The authentic self is another name for the Higher Self.


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  • Pride and Attachment

    Q: Why is an attachment such as “pride” so often hard to detect?

    A: Pride can take on another form, which may look positive. For example, someone may feel happy and good about herself for accomplishing a project. This is fine. However, pride can creep in and make the person feel not only happy about […]

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  • Attachments and the Lower Nature

    Q: Is it correct to say that all of our attachments and all of our negative patterns of thinking, acting and feeling are part of our lower nature?

    A: Only negative attachments are negative. Some attachments are ego-based and not necessarily from our lower nature. For example, attachments from loving someone very much, such as […]

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  • The Age of Peace

    Q: When we enter the age of peace, will there be less and less karma that produces terrible poverty and starvation?

    A: Karma will still have to be paid from the past in all forms but not by terrible poverty and starvation. By then the world community will help to eliminate this and there will […]

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  • The Age of Women

    Q: So the “Age of Women” is about leadership roles for women and men who have good masculine/feminine balance?

    A: Yes.


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