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We regularly feature on this page interesting and unique digital downloads (eBooks, Wallpapers, Videos, Phone Apps, Games and much more) to share with our fans and community.  We try to bring you a variety of items to downloads or specific media requested by you.  They are all specially curated to bring you some insight about the Higher Self.  And they are all FREE!

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Higher Self Yoga Book 1Higher Self Yoga – Book 1
For a limited time, get your hands on the book that started it all!  With a 5 out of 5 stars rating on Amazon and  called “A Powerful Journey Towards Inner Enlightenment”, volume 1 of 3 in the Higher Self Yoga series by Nanette Hucknall is your guide in your search for all those spiritual questions that have gone unanswered in your life for so long.


Higher Self Yoga Book 1The Rose and The Sword – Introduction and Chapter One
This book offers a unique combination of fiction and self-development, inviting you to enter a realm of stories that address different aspects of the feminine and masculine energies we all have. The Introduction describes the these energies. The first chapter talks about one of the positive qualities of the feminine energy—beauty in all its forms.


Higher Self Yoga Book 1Let your HIGHER SELF shine!
A collection of wallpapers (2x desktop/laptop, 1x iPhone, 1x android) to decorate your home or work computer and your mobile device. In their beauty and serenity, they’ll remind you every day to link with your Higher Self. Extract compressed file and personalize your computer wallpaper or your phone’s home screen.

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