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We are the only resource online dedicated to Higher Self Yoga practices to help children connect to their heart and their Wise Being within.

Our goal is to inform parents and caretakers on how to help children become one with the finer qualities such as joy, inner peace, beauty, patience and kindness. Ultimately, we believe this will help keep children focused and calm during times of adversity, and helps them be open to change.  It frees them from emotions that block them from moving forward.
We believe when the Higher Self is activated, creativity, inspiration, intuition, and expression ignite. Connecting to the heart facilitates the connection to the Wise Being within. When we speak about connecting to the heart, we are not referring to the physical heart, but the heart chakra that contains inspiration, joy and wisdom. This section offers practices that will help children achieve such connections.
Please join us in this exploration. We welcome your comments, questions, reviews.

— Petal Steele, HSY Parents & Kids Editor

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Learn to work with the Heart
Compassion for self and others

Learn to work with the Mind
The value of reflection and self-regulation

Learn to work with the Nature Kingdom
That we are all custodians of our world


Understand that your child’s consciousness is being formed moment to moment and you can provide the skills he/she needs to navigate both the joys and challenges.

Broaden your consciousness through self-reflective work on core beliefs about parenting, and children.

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