Key to Freedom – Self-Awareness

According to the Dalai Lama recent NYT article, if you want to attain inner peace and happiness – the key is self-awareness and choosing positive actions. With the help of scientist and Hollywood, the Dalai Lama has created Atlas of Emotions, a fun website that is a map the human mind to help us learn about our emotions and actions.

In the same vein, the Higher Self Yoga teaching also emphasizes individual self-awareness work as the key to attaining joy and freedom. We all contain within ourselves both positive and negative emotions and attitudes that drive our actions. It is only through the understanding of myself that allows me the freedom to make rational and positive choice in my everyday life. Choosing positive over negative actions I found to be extremely rewarding because it allows others to respond in kind, creating happier environment around and beyond us.

Atlas of Emotions:

Mario Canki

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