* Higher Self Yoga would be nothing if not for the tireless efforts of Nanette Hucknall. She is the founder, creator, and inspiration behind everything Higher Self Yoga has become. Our debt to her is great!

Higher Self Yoga Founder: Nanette Hucknall

nanette-frame-450Nanette Hucknall is the founder and President of the Higher Self Yoga Association. She has developed and led Higher Self Yoga classes and retreats for over twenty years throughout the United States and Canada.

Among Nanette Hucknall’s writing achievements are Higher Self Yoga, Book I & II, the first two of three volumes of Higher Self Yoga teachings.

In addition to her work with Higher Self Yoga, Nanette has been a career therapist and psychotherapist for twenty-five years. Her book, Karma, Destiny, and Your Career, has been translated and published in four different countries. Her most recent book, The Rose and the Sword: How to Balance Your Feminine and Masculine Energies, is an innovative guide to improving your inner and outer relationships. Her newest book — How to Live from Your Heart — was released October 2016. Her books are available in multiple formats, including paperback and ebook.

Nanette has designed and facilitated workshops on “Karma, Destiny, and Your Career,” and recently “Living From Your Heart,” which she has presented in the United States and in Canada. Together with her business partner, Dr. Judith Bach, she has also presented seminars and workshops throughout the United States, Canada, Belgium, Germany and Italy.

Before introducing Higher Self Yoga, Nanette was trained in Psychosynthesis and was a student of Agni Yoga for many years.