Pride and Attachment

Q: Why is an attachment such as “pride” so often hard to detect?

A: Pride can take on another form, which may look positive. For example, someone may feel happy and good about herself for accomplishing a project. This is fine. However, pride can creep in and make the person feel not only happy about doing a good job, but feel proud that she could do it so well. And then add perhaps the feeling that no one else could do such a good job. Those feelings may not be expressed outwardly, but would feed a person’s ego.

Pride can also creep in around children. If a child does well in school and gets honors, a parent could feel very proud of the child. This is fine, but if the parent then feels pride in being a good parent—as the reason the child does so well—that can cause a pride attachment.

Pride is a layer underneath many things. It always is attached to the ego and builds up the ego. If a person gives service or gives money and is attached to having done this good deed that is when pride can creep in. It is certainly nice to be acknowledged for good work. But if that isn’t given it should not make a difference with how you feel. A true gift comes from the heart and when that happens there are no attachments.


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