The Warriors and Winning

Sports, and especially the NBA playoffs are a big deal that is watched by millions of mostly male viewers. It is all about completion and winning. NBA is highly competitive as is any other professional sport, and in the playoffs only the best teams get a chance to play. Usually these teams have superstar players that can carry the team to victory, and these guys are celebrities earning millions and have huge egos – it is all about them.  Completion is good and necessary for wining, especially in sports. But is it there more tan just raw competition at the expense everything else, including your teammates? Welcome to the Golden State Warriors – the NBA team finalists.

The Warriors play having fun. The team confidence came from Steve Kerr, the rookie head coach that made the players feel content and relaxed. Contentment is a tough feeling to embody in the very competitive high stakes money and pride professional sports. In addition to fun you hear the word happy around the team. So what is going on with the Warriors, and why are they winning and having fun at the same time?

They hardly speak of loosing but talk about winning together as a team. The Warriors superstar player Curry is also the team’s best person who takes joy and pride in the team. His leadership comes from his ability to be joyful in seeing everyone win. The team’s core values are; competition, mindfulness, compassion and joy. If you like basketball then you already know who won the final game seven, but what matters is the new competition paradigm established by the Warriors.

Mario Canki

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