Engage with the HSY Community

Are you interested in delving deeper into Higher Self Yoga?  Maybe you’d like to pair up and share perspectives with a member of HSY? Or join a weekly HSY class online?  Or perhaps you simply want to ask a question about HSY.

We offer several great ways to deepen your relationship to Higher Self Yoga


Do you have a question you’d like answered from the perspective of a Higher Self Yogi? After submitting your question, you will receive a personal reply from a qualified member of the Higher Self Yoga community.

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By pairing with a virtual buddy, newcomers to HSY can hear what it’s like to be a part of the community of HSY practitioners.  Virtual buddies share experiences and insight—bringing HSY to life by making it more personal through the connection to a virtual buddy.

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We provide an extensive series of classes online (free and paid) for a deeper study and broader sharing of the Higher Self Yoga practices. Each class has a moderator who assigns weekly readings and questions. Participants are asked to reflect on the material and share responses with fellow classmates. Students are then invited to offer feedback ‘from the heart’ on what others have shared.

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Find out when and come join us for some fun, fellowship, entertainment, learning and camaraderie at our Higher Self Events throughout the year or sign up to our newsletter to be notified of all upcoming events.

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