Higher Self Yoga Coaches

How to Book Your First Session

Our coaches are here to motivate, guide, and inspire you on your spiritual journey. To book your session, choose a Higher Self Yoga Coach who resonates with you and continue to our Coaching platform to book your first complimentary session.

Lili Clendenning

Background: Lili is a clinical counsellor and coach with 18 years of experience working in private practice and for a large government health organization. For the past 12 years Lili has provided coaching for students of Higher Self Yoga.  Lili is honored to be able to help individuals on their journeys. She is inspired by their courage and uplifted with joy to see them reclaim their lives and move forward on their journeys.

Specialties: Lili brings a focus on meditation and a knowledge of compassionate wisdom philosophy to her coaching.

Availability: Lili is typically available in the evenings on Thursdays.

Mark Solomon

Background: Mark is an award winning film editor who has contributed to highly regarded animated movies for the past three decades. He was an early member of the Higher Self Yoga community, present since its inception in 1988. Through his work as a storyteller and as a practitioner of Higher Self Yoga, Mark has learned to observe the friction of our internal processes not as a cause for despair but as an inspiration to bridge divides and reconcile opposites. Mark brings his experience as a film teacher, craftsman, creator and meditator to his work as a Higher Self Yoga Coach.

Specialties: Mark brings an understanding of the creative process and a deep compassion for the work of reconciling contrasting forces within and around us.

Availability: Mark is typically available on Monday and Tuesday evenings and Saturdays during the day.

Mary Dino

Background: Mary Dino is a licensed clinical social worker in the state of New York and has worked in the fields of mental health, organizational change, and trauma-informed care for 27 years. She was recently certified in Shawn Ginwright’s Healing Centered Engagement model, and completed Shirzad Charmine’s Positive Intelligence Coaching training.

Specialties: Mary strives to take a heart-centered approach to living, and believes that individual evolution and social change are mirrors for each other.

Availability: Mary is available on weekdays during working hours.

Suzanne Pretten

Background: Suzanne is a trained Psychosynthesis Practitioner, certified at Psychosynthesis Pathways of Montreal and certified in Shirzad Charmine’s Positive Intelligence Coaching training. She maintains a private practice for her work in supporting individuals through psychosynthesis. She is fluent in the Higher Self Yoga teachings and works to develop healing through self-knowledge and compassion. 

Specialties: Suzanne works to deepen personal awareness and build a personality-free of emotional blocks.

Availability: Suzanne typically has availability on Tuesdays and Wednesdays during the day.

Maureen Harper, Ph.D

Background:  Maureen is a practicing psychotherapist and life Coach. She applies her training in Psychosynthesis to the design of clinical interventions for both adults and children. She has been a student of Higher Self Yoga for more than 30 years.

Specialties: In her doctoral research and practice Maureen has focused on leadership, particularly as it relates to team cohesion, work well-being, and collective efficacy.

Availability: Maureen typically has availability on weekends.

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