Higher Self Meditations

Prepare to find your Highest Guide with a short series of meditations.

Meet Your Higher Self

This meditation series is designed to lead you into conversation with your Higher Self. When we live in alignment with the inner wisdom of the Higher Self, we welcome the best possible version of ourselves into being. You can take them one at a time or in a single sitting, whichever feels right for you.

Meditation #1: Dropping Into the Present

Before we can connect with our Higher Selves, we must possess the capacity to simply be present. This sense of presence is most accessible to us when we commit our attention to the simple act of breathing.

Now that you are resting in the present moment, let’s expand our experience to include the power of our intuition…

Meditation #2: Awakening the Intuition

Our intuition is here to guide us in understanding a more subtle form of knowledge outside of the rational mind. This precious information can reveal liberating insights and previously unknown pathways for our lives.

Once you have accessed the insights of your intuition, it’s time to connect to the seat of the Higher Self, the heart.

Meditation #3: Accessing the Heart

Everything worthwhile in this world takes place at the seat of the heart. Our willingness to learn, grow, care, embrace, and explore are some of the many experiences that are only possible when the heart is open.

Now that we are capable of resting at the heart’s center, we can access our Higher Self.

Meditation #4: Greeting Your Higher Self

By connecting with your Higher Self, you are tapping into a wholeness that comes from the truest expression of yourself, and the ultimate interconnection to all things.

These meditations are just a glimpse into the world of the Higher Self. As a next step on your journey, take our free online course, Connect With Your Higher Self

Connect With Your Higher Self

This fully online introductory course will teach you to activate the invaluable, untapped resource at the core of your being – your Higher Self.
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