Cultivating Your Highest Nature

A downloadable guide to refining the personality traits that can bring about your best self.

Discover Your Most Realized Self

We often think of personal growth as a grueling exercise in self-critique, but in the Higher Self Yoga tradition, growth is best achieved as a friendly exploration of personality transformation. This brand new workbook from Higher Self Yoga, comes complete with insightful reflections, guided exercises, and helpful practices to examine the characteristics that are unique to you. By reflecting on the that traits could benefit from refinement and embracing the strengths that are already present, you can move through the world as your best possible self.

Use this workbook to...

Build Self-Awareness
True self-awareness empowers us to move beyond the delusions and patterns that keep us trapped in outdated versions of ourselves.
Cultivate Personal Growth
Once we see ourselves for how we truly are, we have the knowledge and insight to move beyond neurosis and learn to transform the parts of ourselves we have previously viewed as negative into healthy, integrated gifts.
Form an Appreciation for Your Unique Nature
Over time we are culturally taught that certain aspects of ourselves are less desirable than others. In the Higher Self tradition, every facet of our unique nature has the potential to serve the highest good.
In this beautifully-illustrated workbook, you are provided with a critical reframing of the traits that comprise the human personality. Throughout my 40 years of work as a psychotherapist, I developed these exercises to help my clients better understand how to utilize their unique gifts. It is through self-awareness and understanding that we grow, develop, and expand into the highest functioning version of ourselves, and the insights and practical applications within this workbook are fantastic tools to facilitate that process.

– Nanette V. Hucknall
Founder of Higher Self Yoga

This workbook contains...

Psychological Insights
A pithy but powerful breakdown of how our key character traits exist on a spectrum and how we have the power to actively develop our own personalities based on our inherent gifts.
Table of Personality Traits
A never-before-shared breakdown of twenty critical personality traits and a breakdown of the negative and positive ways in which they can manifest.
Practical Applications
Journal prompts, guided exercises, and daily rituals to help bring transform, integrate, and highlight our highest nature.

A look inside...

Cultivate Your Highest Nature

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