How Is Higher Self Yoga Unique?

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Higher Self Yoga Begins and Ends Where You Are

Higher Self Yoga is not at all what many may think when they hear ‘yoga’.  It does not involve physical exercise and there are no postures. Instead Higher Self Yoga is yoga in the original sense of ‘union’ with something bigger: union with the divine; with science or Cosmos; or in the case of Higher Self Yoga, union with the Higher Self. Unlike most traditional religions and spiritual approaches, Higher Self Yoga does not involve rigidly held beliefs, a one-size-fits-all solution or the idea one should withdraw from one’s life and the challenges therein. None of these ideas are practical in today’s world. Higher Self Yoga instead provides a path from which to understand one’s life in its uniqueness—how and why you think and act as you do—and to continually deepen that understanding through growing self-awareness. By learning to work ever more closely with the Higher Self — whether in relationships or alone; whether at work or at home with one’s family — Higher Self Yoga begins and ends where you are, but through ever-forward striving, you are more and more your best self.

The form of the reply will differ from individual to individual.

People experience the Higher Self differently. As people differ, so does how they link with the Higher Self. Some people see scenes in their mind’s eye, whereas others feel or sense what’s happening. Still others hear sounds and voices!

Intensify personal growth and connections with others through meditation and self-discovery.

“Many of my work challenges have become easier to deal with… I try to put them into perspective by not becoming emotional and choosing to actively listen to what another has to say.” —Tina Skodic, Executive Director, Board Member