Living from the Heart: A Guided Experience from Higher Self Yoga

“Living from the Heart: A Guided Experience” offers students a conceptual understanding of the heart, inquiries for developing a sincere relationship with the needs of the heart, a cumulative meditation practice, and lessons for practical application to open-hearted living.

What this course achieves…

Living from the Heart: A Guided Experience invites you to move beyond the mental and cultural experience of love, and into a life of true open-heartedness.

Throughout the 5 sections of the course, we’ll share meditations, lessons, and guidance for an exercise designed to support you as you learn to expand the depth of the heart.

Join this course to…

  • Transform your understanding of “love” with an expansive definition of the power of open-hearted living through the lens of your spiritual journey.
  • Understand the needs and desires of the heart with honest inquiry exercises and the accompanying journal prompts to see the truth of your needs and the possibilities of life through the lens of the open heart.
  • Receive the practice of deepening the heart in order to expand your interior life, your relationships, and your impact on the world.
  • Lay the groundwork for deeper interior exploration and connection to the Higher Self through our foundational techniques and practices.

Sample the Course: First Guided Meditation

This five-part course consists of:
  • A Welcome Message From Our Founder
  • The Heart as a Way of Life
  • The Heart and the Self
  • The Heart and Others
  • The Heart and The World

Includes exercises and journal prompts

Each part of the course contains:
  • Five 5 – 7 minute audio talks on each topic
  • Contemplative opportunities for each talk
  • Heart opening video meditations
higher self yoga ben cain

Lessons and meditations narrated by Benjamin Cain

How it Works

This course is hosted on our Teachable page. Teachable is a dedicated platform that makes it easy for us to create digital courses. Once you sign up on Teachable and purchase the course, you will use their website to access to all the written and audio content for each part of the course.

Cost: $60/person Free

“Learning to incorporate my Higher Self in my everyday life has helped me become more introspective, focused and more confident in my decision-making.”

— Sharon M.

“When I read about Higher Self Yoga I was attracted to the idea of learning how to access my inner wisdom through working with my Higher Self. Higher Self Yoga is teaching and guiding me to my heart so that everything I do and say comes directly from the most loving and wisest part of me.”

— Lili C.

“Higher Self Yoga has brought balance, joy, and abundance into my life especially in my marriage, family interactions and friendships. It has also brought me more stability in my workplace.”

— Anna C.

“The teaching of Higher Self Yoga and Higher Self practice has given me practical techniques to reach my goals – spiritual, psychological, vocational, and interpersonal.”

— Kathy C.

“Higher Self-practice helped me strengthen my intuition and has given me important tools to deal with the stresses of life. I have deeper connections with the ones I love and strong intimacy with my fiancé because of the heart connection Higher Self helped me to open and understand.”

— Amy M.

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