Meeting Your Higher Self Meditations

Choose from a series of stunning scenes, all leading to your Higher Self… 

Meet Your Higher Self

Written and recorded by Higher Self Yoga Founder Nanette V. Hucknall, this series of visually compelling contemplations will guide you along a path to meeting your Higher Self. Use your intuition to select which scenic backdrop is most appealing to you. From there, simply follow along to a beautiful world where your Higher Self is only a step or two around the bend.

Meeting Your Higher Self: Mountain Meditation

In this guided meditation, we meet our Higher Selves on the sunny side of a gentle mountain path. After touching into the beauty of both forest knolls and open clearings, you’ll sit with your Higher Self in the heights of a stunning mountain vista.

Meeting Your Higher Self: Lake Meditation

In this meditation, we’ll wander round the cheerful sides of lively lake before settling into a sweet, sunny spot with a view of the light dancing with the water. Make the connection with your Higher Self at the scene of this spacious, calming body of water.  

Meeting Your Higher Self: Home Meditation

For many, beauty is in the eye of the homebody. Explore the great indoors with an exploration of an interior that calls out to you. Relax into conversation with your Higher Self from the comfort of a cheerful home. 

Meeting Your Higher Self: Garden Meditation

Gardens are a source of solace, comfort, and inspiration. In this meditation, we’ll explore beautiful pathways lined with beds of fragrant flowers while birdsong coasts by on a pleasant breeze. Meet your Higher Self at the place where the paths cross, in this sunny, secret garden. 

Meeting Your Higher Self: Meadow Meditation

The spaciousness of the calm clearing can be a site of both respite and inspiration. In this meditation, connect with your Higher Self in the open space between hearty earth and expansive sky. 

Connect With Your Higher Self

This fully online introductory course will teach you to activate the invaluable, untapped resource at the core of your being – your Higher Self.
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