Higher Self Yoga’s Submission Guidelines & Editorial Policy

We invite you to contribute to Higher Self Yoga’s growing library of content that teaches people to reach their fullest worldly and spiritual potential!

We’re currently looking for articles around the following topics:

  • Topics pertaining to your Higher Self
  • The benefits of meditation
  • How working with the Higher Self can help you in everyday life
  • Stories of personal transformation involving meditation and/or the Higher Self

Here are a few of our best articles if you’re looking for examples and inspiration:

Note that many of our top pieces listed above promise a definite takeaway for the reader. Just by reading the title, a reader knows what they will learn from the piece and why it’s important.

When choosing a topic, please send us an email at info@higherselfyoga.com with a quick, 2-3 sentence pitch of the piece before you start writing and we’ll let you know if it’s something we would be interested in. 

Submission Guidelines

To make the editing process as smooth as possible, please keep the following guidelines in mind:

  • Try to keep your posts between 750-1,500 words in length.
  • Edit and proofread thoroughly for grammar and clarity. We reserve the right to make our own edits for grammar, clarity, style, and substance.
  • Submit your finished piece along with a short bio (and a photo if you’d like) to info@higherselfyoga.com. As stated earlier, we strongly encourage you to submit a pitch to the same email address before you start writing the full piece.
  • We try to publish as many of our submissions as possible, but please note that submitting your piece to us does not guarantee publication.
  • By submitting your piece to us, you give us permission to use that content on our website. All submissions become the property of Higher Self Yoga Inc., and they may be edited for content and brevity.
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