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Higher Self Yoga is a teaching about connecting to one’s Higher Self. The Higher Self—the part inside each of us that connects with the Source, or God—is part of spiritual traditions that go back thousands of years. The practice of Higher Self Yoga seeks balance of heart, mind and action.


  • Present Higher Self Yoga as a key spiritual path for the modern era, offering self-growth and self-awareness to all genuine seekers.
  • Provide needed resources to study and learn about Higher Self Yoga.
  • Share with a vibrant Higher Self Yoga membership worldwide through the HSY website and social media.


Learn about Higher Self Yoga:
Our founder, our core teachings and how to connect with your Higher Self.


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NVH Answers, Community Reads, HSY for Kids & Parents, HSY for Men, and HSY Spotlight.


Engage with members of Higher Self Yoga:
Ask a Yogi, a class at the HSY Academy, or a relationship with a Virtual Buddy.

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  • Kathy Crowe – Secretary
  • Laraine Lippe – Treasurer
  • Eleanor Goud – Board Member
  • Amy Magruder – Board Member
  • Maureen Sinclair – Board Member
  • Irene van Kessel – Board Member

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