— “Yoga” means union. Higher Self Yoga is about uniting with our Higher Self.

What is Higher Self Yoga?

Higher Self Yoga is a teaching about connecting to one’s Higher Self. The Higher Self—the part inside each of us that connects with the Source, or God—is part of spiritual traditions that go back thousands of years. The practice of Higher Self Yoga seeks balance of heart, mind and action. It is a way of teaching that can help us connect with what is connected to the Source.

Higher Self Yoga comes from three important sources:

  1. Agni Yoga – a spiritual teaching founded by Nicholas and Helena Roerich
  2. Theosophy – a philosophy that focuses on finding direct knowledge of the mysteries of being and nature
  3. Psychosynthesis — an approach to psychotherapy founded by Roberto Assagioli.

And – while it builds on many other teachings and traditions – the key difference is the addition of self-inquiry. Higher Self Yoga is about the journey of the self. We truly believe that finding that balance in the heart, mind, and action starts first with a desire for inner growth.


“Higher Self Yoga involves studying how to access the wisdom within oneself, which we all have, through reading philosophy and meditating. The focus is really looking at yourself psychologically, getting to know the many levels… It is inner work.”
Nanette Hucknall

Our mission is to:

  • Present Higher Self Yoga as a key spiritual path for the modern era, offering self-growth and self-awareness to all genuine seekers.
  • Provide needed resources to study and learn about Higher Self Yoga.
  • Share with a vibrant Higher Self Yoga membership worldwide through social media.

When we are connected with our higher selves, we are more at harmony with others and the world. Such a connection and effective use creates warmth, clarity, and increased productivity.

It helps us to focus, stay calm, and adapt. Through nurturing this spark, you help yourself and you help those you affect. It is not about pushing philosophy. It is about finding support as you discover harmony.

The quest for Truth is as old as humankind. Walking a path with the Gnostics, the Hindu sages and mystics through the ages, this realization rings just as true today: