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Meet Nanette

Nanette is an award-winning author, teacher, trained psychotherapist, career counselor, and painter. Through her books, classes, lectures, and retreats on the teachings of the Higher Self, she has deepened the lives of hundreds of spiritual practitioners in their work to align with the higher consciousness.  

Career Awards

Central Teachings

Higher Self Yoga: Book One 
This introductory text is a practical teaching about how to work with the Higher Self. It is based on the inspiring teachings given to humankind over thousands of years, combined with the insights of modern psychology.
Higher Self Yoga: Book Two 
Book Two emphasizes psychological growth and provides exercises to help heal psychological wounds and emotional attachments. You will deepen your access to the Higher Self and learn to overcome elements of your lower nature.  
Higher Self Yoga: Book Three 
The Higher Self will help you see and transmute the characteristics that impede your spiritual growth. In this culminating work, you will learn to embrace your true potential with the power of the Higher Self as you discover who you really are.

Delving Deeper into the Higher Self

The Spiritual Teaching of Higher Self Yoga
This practical guide discusses all the aspects of the teaching in which you would participate as you strive for God Consciousness. It also talks about the community of Higher Self Yoga and how important it is to become a part of a sister- and brotherhood of people who are working together to achieve their spiritual goals.  
Higher Self Yoga:
A Practical Teaching
This practical guide serves as a roadmap for a personal discovery journey that will bring you face-to-face with unknown potential, unexamined desires, and exhilarating new possibilities.  

Expand Your Knowledge

How to Live From Your Heart: Deepen Relationships, Develop Creativity, And Discover Inner Wisdom
Heart energy comes from an always-loving and wise Higher Source. Nurturing, warm, quiet, refined, and all encompassing, heart energy brings spiritual growth that fosters creativity, attracts loving relationships, and engenders peace and happiness.
Karma, Destiny and Your Career: A New Age Guide to Finding Your Work and Loving Your Life 
This work explores the karmic affects of free will, and why you may have feelings of aversion or inadequacy toward your true vocation. Unlike other career books, this one proposes that your vocation can be part of a spiritual journey that will lead you to on-the-job professional and personal growth.

The Rose And The Sword: How to Balance Your Feminine and Masculine Energies

The Rose and the Sword offers a unique combination of fiction and self-development which invites the reader to enter a realm of modern and fantasy tales that stimulate both mind and feelings.
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