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A Spiritual Path for the Modern Era

Higher Self Yoga is a spiritual practice in the original sense of yoga, as in ‘union’ with something bigger. Through meditation, contemplation, and self-reflection, it teaches us to bond with the universal cosmic energy that resides within all of us. We call this energy our Higher Selves, and it is the key to overcoming the inner obstacles that keep you from finding your life’s path.

Unlike traditional religions and spiritual teachings, Higher Self Yoga does not hold onto rigidly held beliefs. Instead, our only goal is to help you reach your fullest worldly and spiritual potential. We strive to demystify spirituality, making it accessible to everyone who is seeking fulfillment while leading a busy lifestyle.

Higher Self Yoga unlocks your spiritual potential by…

how to connect with your higher self

Activating the Heart-Mind Connection

By synthesizing the analytical powers of the mind and compassion of the heart, we can learn to see the world — and ourselves — with stunning clarity.

how to connect with your higher self

Sharpening Your Insight and Intuition

Higher Self Yoga teaches you to align your innate wisdom to illuminate new choices and pathways that may have seemed impossible or out of reach.

how to connect with your higher self

Guiding You Towards Your Life’s True Path

Once we use our hearts, minds, and intuition to unlock the wisdom of Higher Self, we can lead a fulfilling life inclusive of all our needs and desires.

Who We Are

Thirty years ago, Nanette Hucknall combined the wisdom insights of a lifetime of studying spirituality and psychology to create the foundational teachings of Higher Self Yoga. What first started as a small meditation and spiritual community in New York City has grown into a international movement with thousands of followers. Our members include spiritually-minded entrepreneurs, scientists, health-care professionals, and scholars with a shared belief: that unlocking our spiritual potential by accessing the wisdom of our Higher Selves can change our lives (and the entire world) for the better.

Higher Self Yoga leads you on a path to understand your life in its uniqueness and realize its full potential. Our goal is to help you understand why you think and act as you do—and to continually deepen that understanding through growing self-awareness and improvement.

Learn With Our Guided Experiences

Our guided experiences are short, digestible online courses you can take at your own pace.  Each experience is focused around a key element of connecting with our Higher Selves. Through guided meditations and reflective exercises, we’ll teach you how to activate your spiritual potential and find your life’s path.

Awakening Your Intuition

Awakening Your Intuition invites you to step onto a path of intuitive awakening for a more joyful, purposeful, and enlightened life by teaching you to balance your innate wisdom, heart, and mind.

Living From the Heart

Learn to expand the capacity of the heart beyond the cyclical attachments of emotions and into a space of openness, availability, and empathy that expands our interior life while improving the world around us.

Read Our Blog

Looking to learn more about the Higher Self? Our blog explores all the ways we can connect with our Higher Selves, and how you can use this connection to enhance your day-to-day life. 

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