Higher Self Yoga

Align with your highest guide.

Discover Your Hidden Potential

Higher Self Yoga teaches you to reach your highest personal and spiritual potential. As you use meditation and self-reflection to connect with your Higher Self (also known as the “wise being within”), you will begin to understand how and why you think and act as you do, slowly deepening that understanding through growing self-awareness and improvement. If you’re looking to overcome the unique challenges in your life, working with your Higher Self will guide you towards the answers you seek.

The Pillars of Higher Self Yoga

Lay the groundwork for connecting with your Higher Self using meditation and visualization practices.
Gain a deeper understanding of yourself and your life’s purpose with honest and compassionate self-awareness.
Practical Applications
Improve your life by applying your newfound insights, and reflections, and self-knowledge to everyday situations.

A Spiritual Practice to Enrich Your Daily Life

The knowledge received through your Higher Self won’t always be transcendent, metaphysical revelations. The sense of wholeness and balance that comes with relating to the Higher Self has enormous practical benefits, and we teach our students to apply this inner wisdom to their mundane, everyday lives. In this sense, spiritual development goes hand-in-hand with personal growth. As we develop spiritually, we quickly see the effects in our daily life by applying this wisdom to our careers, our relationships, and most importantly, to the inner workings of our minds.
“Once we begin to connect with our Higher Selves, the changes we see in ourselves and in our lives can be breathtaking. From improvements in our physical bodies and mental outlooks to the ways we treat and interact with others, the benefits of connecting with our Higher Selves are endless. This journey takes you on the path to wholeness, leads you into your true potential, and helps you discover who you really are.”

– Nanette V. Hucknall
Founder of Higher Self Yoga

The Benefits of Working With Your Higher Self

Find clarity on your life’s path.
Find balance and wholeness in your everyday life.
Overcome bad habits and negative thoughts.
Improve the world by improving yourself.

Experience Your Higher Self

This fully online introductory course will teach you to activate the invaluable, untapped resource at the core of your being – your Higher Self.

Higher Self Yoga Resources

Every Journey Has a Guide

Connecting with our Higher Selves is an inward journey, but that doesn’t mean we need to undertake it alone. Wherever you are on your path, our trained coaches can meet you there and show you the way forward. Equipped with practical applications and experiential wisdom, a Higher Self coach is an invaluable resource as you navigate life’s many challenges and opportunities.

Who We Are

Thirty years ago, our founder Nanette V. Hucknall combined the wisdom insights of a lifetime of studying spirituality and psychology to create the core teachings of Higher Self Yoga.