What is the Higher Self?

At Higher Self Yoga, we see the Higher Self as an extension of yourself that is part of you and part of the Source—the ultimate higher power, the universal source of cosmic energy.

This energy links us to everyone and everything. We are all interconnected through shared energy. And as this universal energy—this higher consciousness—is contained within each one of us, we can use the Higher Self to access this universal wisdom and knowledge from within.

The Higher Self may be seen as the Wise Being within all of us, the energy of our highest potential waiting to be expressed.

How do you know if what you are experiencing is really the Higher Self?

The Higher Self can be personified in many ways, and not all of them human in nature. According to Roberto Assagioli M.D., the father of psychosynthesis, energies descend down into images, and images descend down into words. The Higher Self can appear to you as a man or a woman, regardless of your gender identity. It can also take on the form of an animal, a color, or even an energy felt throughout the body.

How do we connect with our Higher Selves?

There are many paths you can take to reach your Higher Self. As in many other spiritual practices, the act of meditation plays a key role, but it is not the only path. Strengthening your intuition, getting in touch with your heart, spending time in nature, and even understanding the power of the words you speak can bring you closer to your Higher Self.

What happens when you start communicating with your Higher Self?


Once we begin to connect with our Higher Selves, the changes we see in ourselves and in our lives can be breathtaking. From improvements in our physical bodies and mental outlook to the ways we treat and interact with others, the benefits of connecting with our Higher Selves are endless. By acknowledging and transforming our lower nature tendencies, we free up space within us for the energy of Higher Self consciousness to come in and express itself.

Meditating regularly and connecting with our Higher Selves are like two sides of the same coin. When you commit yourselves to these practices, you will…

By learning to work ever more closely with your Higher Self — whether in relationships or alone; whether at work or at home, with one’s family — Higher Self Yoga begins where you are and helps you reach your fullest worldly and spiritual potential.

What is Higher Self Yoga?

Higher Self Yoga is not at all what many may think when they hear ‘yoga’. It does not involve physical exercise and there are no postures. Higher Self Yoga is yoga in the original sense of ‘union’ with something bigger: union with the divine; with science or Cosmos; or in the case of Higher Self Yoga, union with the Higher Self.

Higher Self Yoga leads you on a path from which to understand one’s life in its uniqueness and realize its full potential—how and why you think and act as you do—and to continually deepen that understanding through growing self-awareness and improvement.

Unlike traditional religions and spiritual teachings, Higher Self Yoga does not hold onto rigidly held beliefs, or to the idea that one should withdraw from life and its challenges.

How do I start?

Whether you’re a beginner, an intermediate, or an advanced seeker, Higher Self Yoga will introduce you to the less-explored — but equally important — spiritual side of yoga. We strive to demystify spirituality, making it accessible to everyone who is seeking fulfillment while leading a busy lifestyle.

We’re currently developing a series of guided experiences covering key aspects of connecting to your Higher Selves. Our first guided experience, Awakening Intuition, is live and completely free for a limited time!

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