Connect With Your Higher Self:
A Guided Experience

The essential practice for unlocking your highest potential.

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Come Home to Your Higher Self

This fully online course will teach you to activate the invaluable, untapped resource at the core of your being — your Higher Self. One part practical application, one part guided experience, this quintessential course provides teachings and tools to help you escape unhealthy behavioral patterns and embrace your highest potential.

Take this course to...

Break Unhealthy Cycles
Escape harmful behavioral patterns that leave you feeling disoriented as you adopt a thoughtful, intentional way of life
Find Stability and Purpose
Bring a new sense of direction to your everyday life and discover your highest calling.
Unlock Your Highest Guide
Activate the illuminating, life-changing guidance of your most essential teacher, your Higher Self.
In this online course, you will develop a sincere relationship with the wise being within, your Higher Self. The Higher Self is the most powerful instrument there is, and like any other instrument, you need to learn how to use it. By living in alignment with your Higher Self, you will transform into who you are supposed to become as you realize the essence of your being.”

– Nanette V. Hucknall
Founder of Higher Self Yoga

This course contains...

Higher Self Teachings

Five illuminating audio discussions will give you a complete understanding of the Higher Self and answers to your biggest questions.

Guided Meditations

A series of guided meditations will prepare you to meet your Higher Self, then guide you into contemplative self-reflection as you progress on the most important journey of your life.

Practical Applications
Exercises and prompts throughout the course give you moments to pause and reflect on how you can apply the wisdom of your Higher Self to your daily life.

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Course Syllabus

Why the Higher Self?

In our introduction to the course, we’ll discuss why Higher Self Yoga is a potent practice for discovering your highest potential and unlocking a life that is aligned with your truest personal evolution.

What is the Higher Self?

In this lesson, you will learn what we mean by the Higher Self (sometimes called the “Wise Being within”) and discuss the harmony that arises when we learn to listen to this powerful guide.

Meeting the Higher Self

Our clear direction and guidance will help you start communicating with your Higher Self. We’ll also share our understanding of how to process these invaluable communications.

In Relationship with the Higher Self

We’ll conclude the course by discussing how we can maintain our connection with the Higher Self, and how to apply these teachings as we continue along our spiritual paths.

What Our Students Say

"I had always been curious about the concept of the Higher Self and found this course gave me the insights and clarity that I had been craving. With this class, I’m equipped to grow my trust in my own intuitive wisdom. I highly recommend it!"
Jeffrey Cherry,
Marketing Manager
"The talks and meditations in this course gave me tools and techniques that offer me a sense of personal purpose and direction. I use the meditations to check in with my path and keep me grounded in my journey."
Georgina Berbari
Writer and Photographer

Learn at Your Own Pace

Higher Self Yoga classes are self-paced, giving students the freedom to choose the pace of their learning experience. Lifetime, 24/7 access to the course means you can return to it as you need, throughout your journey with the Higher Self.

Lessons Narrated by Ben Cain

Ben Cain is a distinguished actor, experienced meditator, and the voice of the Higher Self Yoga curriculum. His gentle yet powerful tone is illustrative of the harmony possible when one lives in alignment with the wisdom of the Higher Self.

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